Now that Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, June is knocking on our door and summer is officially upon us. If you work a desk job like we do, you probably don't notice much change, other than the more humid than usual mornings and the sizzling walk to the car in the evenings. What you probably notice more though is just how much you sit at your desk, day after day, waiting for it to be the weekend so you can head out to play in the sunshine with your kids or family. Of course, sitting at your desk 40 hours a week can take a toll. Lucky for you, we've found a few pointers for keeping those buns in shape, (albeit some more serious than others) even while you slave away behind the iMac. 

If you're a non-profit organization, and are seeking another form of advertising, Google Ad Grants might just be what you need. Google Ad Grants is a sort of "free" advertising budget using AdWords, where Google essentially provides you with a $10,000/month budget to further your cause. This breaks down to roughly $329. a day. According to Google, in order to utilize Google Ad Grants, your nonprofit must hold current and valid charity status, as determined by your country. And, at this time there are no quotas on how many grants are given out.

With Mother's Day right around the corner, ****read: THIS SUNDAY****, we thought it would be fun to share a few fabulous gifts for those digital moms out there. We've scoured the top tech lists, and picked out some of our favorite trending gifts. Now, you've got today and tomorrow to order a gift online, assuming you have the option of priority shipping!

When it comes to being smart about the way you write your online content, if you want to be found by searchers, you need to be thinking about not just what they’re searching for, but how are they searching for it? 

Well, it happened! We weren't lyin' folks! Google's Mobilgeddon is officially live. 

If you've been living under a rock in the digital world, here's what you need to know:


One of our primary goals for any new website is that it is responsive, meaning it is easily accessible by a user from any device. Phones, tablets, you name it, and we'll make sure it renders correctly. 

Responsive means exactly what it sounds like; that a website will respond to the size of the device it's being viewed on. It is mobile-friendly. It prevents web developers from having to create two seperate websites, a web version and a mobile version.

We find ourselves telling our clients this all. the. time. "Content is king." 

But is it true? Has it always been true? Yes, and no. In years past, SEO was more about making sure your i's were dotted and your t's were crossed. In other words, the ability to rank your website well depended more on technicalities and oodles and oodles of back links. In more recent years though, and more recent Google algorithm changes rather, good quality, relevant content has taken precidence over those back links, keywords, and strategic meta descriptions.
When it comes to having a successful website, you need to know what your website is actually doing. And to do that, we often dig into digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics. 

Google Analytics is an essential tool to have, no matter the size of your website. It can easily be implemented in the code of your site, and allow you to easily track everything about your website from user demographics to which pages your users are viewing most frequently. 
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