According to Google, what is king of SEO? 

….What is content, Alex?

Yes, content is still king, as far as Google is concerned.

When the Ashley Madison scandal broke, we'll admit that one of our first thoughts was, "I bet their website is getting slammed by traffic!" 

When you manage client websites and work with Google Analytics every day, you tend to think about these things (nerds!). And while the scandal is incredibly unfortunate, they are inevitably getting free PR out of it, and truly increasing their web presence, all in a matter of a few hours. I'd imagine their new visitor % and unique user data is exponentially larger than it was just this time last week.

Google recently announced that they would be restructuring themselves into a larger holding company, named Alphabet. This new company will not be taking the place of Google, but rather will be helping to organize all of the subsidiary ventures Google has involvement with, particularly those ventures that are not internet related.

A few months ago we received a call from a potential client inquiring about our services. They had been told by another local agency that in order to improve their SEO and attract more business, they would have to build them a brand new website, so they were shopping for estimates.

If you're a regular reader in the Pixel blogosphere, then you know that the one thing we harp on the most is high quality, relevant, freshly updated content. 

Wow, Columbia Pictures made a movie about us… PIXELS! We’re flattered! We never imagined that a movie about SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing, and an Arkansas web development company would get made, yet here it is!!!

Talk to us about social media, and we guarantee we'll "get" what you're saying. Google Plus...You got it. Facebook algorithm change...On it. Twitter ads...No big deal. Snapchat…uh (sound of a needle scratching across a record).

Most of us roll in, some a bit late (looking at you EL), hit the coffee pot, open up email, and get our day started. Of the 16 people in our office, there is another morning ritual that 7 of us have… firing up Spotify and getting some tunes going. Take a walk down the halls and you will hear music coming from every other office (or see someone wearing earbuds).

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