Content is King...Literally!

We find ourselves telling our clients this all. the. time. "Content is king." 

But is it true? Has it always been true? Yes, and no. In years past, SEO was more about making sure your i's were dotted and your t's were crossed. In other words, the ability to rank your website well depended more on technicalities and oodles and oodles of back links. In more recent years though, and more recent Google algorithm changes rather, good quality, relevant content has taken precidence over those back links, keywords, and strategic meta descriptions.

In the past, a web site that contained well-written, verbose, and relevant content, but no back links, didn't stand a chance to the poorly put together, crappy written website that contained hundreds of inbound links from other sites. It was all about your link strategy, and if your website had other websites linking to it, then surely your website should be deemed more important, and thus ranked higher. The smaller websites who were truly promoting real content didn't stand a chance.

Not the case anymore, folks. The bots at Google are getting smarter and smarter, and now they're working on an algorithm that will actually rank websites based on the truthfulness of their content. Fact vs. fiction. It couldn't be more simpler. Now, your website could potentially be ranked based on how honest and trustworthy you appear, based on how correct your facts are. Think of it like the ultimate fact-checker. 

If this makes you nervous, then maybe you should take a deeper look at your content and make sure what you're feeding the interwebs is indeed true. If your website is chock-full of incorrect statements, then you are surely going to see changes in your rankings. 

To get the full scoop on this current research, we found two great articles, here and here

Staying up to date on what Google and other search engines prefer is critical. But if you are writing honest, high-quality content, and not coming across as spam, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about. At least now the good guys will finally be rewarded, and the link farms may finally go out of business.

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