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A website is only as good as its content. A bad website is like a shotgun wedding between a cheap WordPress template and no content, bad content, or, even worse, plagiarized content. A great website is a beautiful marriage of good content, style and usability.

According to Google, what is king of SEO? 

….What is content, Alex?

Yes, content is still king, as far as Google is concerned.

Inevitably, the toughest battle in the quest for organic SEO is that of content. Specifically, blog content. We recently read an article from our friends at Raven, and it discusses how to revive a dead company blog. The article makes lots of valid points, but we thought we'd add our two cents, as well as share our own experience. Hopefully it will help you better understand why blog content matters, why we harp on it so much, and why we truly believe it is vital to your website's success.
We find ourselves telling our clients this all. the. time. "Content is king." 

But is it true? Has it always been true? Yes, and no. In years past, SEO was more about making sure your i's were dotted and your t's were crossed. In other words, the ability to rank your website well depended more on technicalities and oodles and oodles of back links. In more recent years though, and more recent Google algorithm changes rather, good quality, relevant content has taken precidence over those back links, keywords, and strategic meta descriptions.
We've said it before, and we'll say it again: content is king. 

If you want your website to be successful, there is just one thing that you are going to have to do. You're going to have to produce high quality, solid, well researched, original content. And more than once. 
Us - "So, what are some features you'd really like your website to have?"
Client - "I'd really like for us to have a blog. Because, blog."
Us - "Do you have someone who's going to actually write blog posts?"
Client - *crickets*

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