Google's Response to Being Responsive


One of our primary goals for any new website is that it is responsive, meaning it is easily accessible by a user from any device. Phones, tablets, you name it, and we'll make sure it renders correctly. 

Responsive means exactly what it sounds like; that a website will respond to the size of the device it's being viewed on. It is mobile-friendly. It prevents web developers from having to create two seperate websites, a web version and a mobile version.

Instead, a site that is responsive is ONE site, ONE set of code, ONE set of content, and regardless of how you choose to view it, it will resize to fit your screen correctly. 

This is huge! Mobile traffic has been on the steady increase for years, and Google is finally taking note of it. Recently, they announced that mobile friendliness will officially be a ranking signal in their next algorithm update, as of April 21. What does that really mean? If your site is not responsive, and Google's bots can't see it as so, you can say goodbye to your current search rankings. You can read more on Google's official announcement here. Whether or not your site was mobile-friendly used to not pose a large threat to your ability to rank well in the search engines. But according to Google, it's time to jump on the responsive train or else!

According to a recent article on Web Designer Depot, organic mobile traffic can range anywhere from 30%-70%. That's a pretty substantial amount of mobile traffic! And since one of Google's biggst goals is connecting its users with the most relevant and easily accessible content, it makes sense that they are now paying attention to mobile users. 

Here at Pixel Perfect, we are actively making sure all of our clients' sites pass the responsive test, while still keeping our sites secure and running correctly. If you have any questions about what it means for a website to be responsive, or how this major Google update might affect YOUR site, shoot us an email or give us a call!

If you want to test your site for yourself, Google has provided an easy mobile-friendly testing tool for the public. Simply enter your URL here, and the results will be obvious.


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