Most of us roll in, some a bit late (looking at you EL), hit the coffee pot, open up email, and get our day started. Of the 16 people in our office, there is another morning ritual that 7 of us have… firing up Spotify and getting some tunes going. Take a walk down the halls and you will hear music coming from every other office (or see someone wearing earbuds).

When we dig into our client's analytics reports, we often take a look at referral traffic. While our main focus is organic traffic, it's important to keep an eye on what sources are sending traffic to your clients, since these "backlinks" can actually play a pretty significant role in SEO.

Have you ever sent an email, perhaps a very important email, and then gone back to bask in the glory of a perfectly crafted communication, only to realize a glaring mistake? Panic sets in. Should you call the recipient and apologize for the mistake? Should you ignore it and hope they won’t catch it? Maybe the answer is to set your computer on fire and move to Tibet.

Inevitably, the toughest battle in the quest for organic SEO is that of content. Specifically, blog content. We recently read an article from our friends at Raven, and it discusses how to revive a dead company blog. The article makes lots of valid points, but we thought we'd add our two cents, as well as share our own experience. Hopefully it will help you better understand why blog content matters, why we harp on it so much, and why we truly believe it is vital to your website's success.

Pediatrics Plus is an amazing company that offer services to families with children needing special therapy. They have four locations here in central Arkansas, including Conway, Little Rock, North Little Rock, and Russellville. While their focus is pediatric therapy, they also offer a developmental preschool at three of their locations, a diagnostic center for disability testing, and a plethora of research.

With Father's Day coming up next weekend, we've scoured the interwebs for some of our favorite, and silly, gifts for dad. Father's Day gift guides are popping up all over the place, so we thought we'd add our two cents. We think your nerdy dad will love any of these Pixel approved Father's Day gifts. Check out our finds:

In the world of digital marketing, there are always new gadgets, tools, and toys to dig into. Without these toys, we would have a hard time analyzing the data we need to make sure our sites are running properly and effectively. When it comes to sending monthly SEO reports, we heavily rely on our favorite programs to pull the data, organize it, and display it in a way that is specific to each client's needs. And just like a magician never tells his secrets, we don't typically hand out our method. Except for today. We've found a new tool that is too cool not to share and brag on!

Once you decide that it's time to start the redesign process of an existing website, there are a few things you should think about first, before you actually dive in. Just like when you're car shopping or thinking about moving, it's never a fast decision, and careful research and thought is always put into the decision ahead of time. In web design, the entire process is much, much easier when certain due diligence has been taken, and certain pieces of the puzzle are already established and well defined. Here are a few things we like to recommend to clients before we hit the ground running:

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