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We often get asked, "will my social media accounts help my seo?"

The answer is a seemingly easy one - no, because Google still has not said for sure that social media signals are a part of their ranking algorithm.

Happy Birthday, Twitter!

If you're heavily active in the world of social media, then you know that Instagram has been lacking one major feature: the ability to manage multiple accounts without having to log in and out. Well, as of this week, times have changed! Instagram has recently revealed that later this week they will be implementing exactly that feature... multiple account management.

Talk to us about social media, and we guarantee we'll "get" what you're saying. Google Plus...You got it. Facebook algorithm change...On it. Twitter ads...No big deal. Snapchat…uh (sound of a needle scratching across a record).

If you keep up with current tech news, or are mildly addicted to social media like most digital marketers are, then you may have noticed that the video feature on Instagram now loops. Again. And Again. And again. 15 seconds of your life, on repeat. 

This comes as both a good and bad thing, and there seems to be quite a polarization of opinions across the interwebs recently.

We preach the benefits of social media to many of our clients, and for good reason. Social media isn't going away anytime soon, and even the experts at Google have admitted to the fact that search engines in the coming years are going to be incorporating social shares into their ranking algorithms. 

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