28 Songs To Fuel Your Creativity

Most of us roll in, some a bit late (looking at you EL), hit the coffee pot, open up email, and get our day started. Of the 16 people in our office, there is another morning ritual that 7 of us have… firing up Spotify and getting some tunes going. Take a walk down the halls and you will hear music coming from every other office (or see someone wearing earbuds).

I wanted some new music to listen to, so I went around and asked everyone to give me a few songs they were listening to right now, just a few songs that have been in heavy rotation lately. What I ended up with was a playlist much more diverse than I imagined. I also discovered that the line between those who do and do not listen to music at work are clearly drawn down the middle of the office. Everyone (except one) on the creative team listens to music most days, while on the Account Services side only one does. Those AEs that did not listen to music mostly said that it interfered with concentration. Their jobs require a lot of strategic thinking, planning, budgets, phone calls etc. The creative team on the other hand, spends most of their time in the abstract world of design, and use the music as inspiration.

So, if you are one of those that has to have your tunes to get through the day, here is our playlist. We hope it inspires your creativity! If you have any songs you think we should be listening to, send them to us and we will add them to the playlist.

Oh, and from our legal department….

creative spotify playlist

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