The Blogging Battle Continues: Why It's Still So Important

Inevitably, the toughest battle in the quest for organic SEO is that of content. Specifically, blog content. We recently read an article from our friends at Raven, and it discusses how to revive a dead company blog. The article makes lots of valid points, but we thought we'd add our two cents, as well as share our own experience. Hopefully it will help you better understand why blog content matters, why we harp on it so much, and why we truly believe it is vital to your website's success.

Whether or not you're trying to revive a blog that's been abandoned for far too long, or you're just starting out your company blog, the point is still the same: consistency. We're not talking a specific, consistent pattern, but rather a consistent posting schedule of X amount of posts a month/week. You simply cannot expect to make any sort of impact on your organic SEO if you're only posting once a month, or once every few months. The goal of your blogging efforts is to attract search engines to crawl your site more often and deliver relevant, original content. If you can do this regularly, you are certainly guaranteed a ranking that is higher than your competitors' sites who have outdated content. By posting quality content regularly, and often, you will train search engines to visit your site more, and show them that you are the authority in your field. Our own experience with this has been tough, to say the least and sometimes we feel like we are our own worst client. We have a goal of writing at least one new post a week. While this doesn't always happen, it does help us remain more accountable, and always on the lookout for blog-worthy news. Ideally, we would be posting twice a week, but that can quickly become a lofty goal. We began blogging more regularly in December, and since then we can tell you that we have seen an increase in our site rankings, more website generated leads, and more traffic in general. While it can sometimes feel like no one is reading your blog, we guarantee the search engines are.

The article above touches on why an inactive blog hurts your site. For example, let's say a year ago you decided you were really going to improve your blog and start posting regularly. But then a few months went by, one or two blog posts were posted, and now a year later your last blog post is practically covered in dust. Other than the SEO damage this can cause (search engines have no reason to crawl your site and thinks your content is now irrelevant and old news), your customer base has also probably taken notice. Think about how many times you've gone to a company's website, checked out their blog, and realized it was last updated in 2012. What sort of impression does this send? An updated blog shows that you are active, current, and an authority in your field.

Lastly, the author recommends to NOT delete your old and outdated blog posts, but instead look past them, and just keep on truckin'. We agree with this completely. You never want to delete your content, unless it is truly irrelevant, sends the wrong message, or really, embarrassing for one reason or another. The content you've got will still carry a little SEO weight, mainly in the form of backlinks, and for your user's sake you want to keep those in-tact. 

Basically, committing to a company blog is a big undertaking. It takes planning, organizing, and persistence. We've discussed blogging here before, so you may want to reference this post for a few key pointers on getting started. Just don't forget to show a little personality. No one likes a boring blog! A blog with good and relevant content draws in the search engines, improves your SEO rankings, and imparts professionalism to your clients and perspective clients. And believe us, there is nothing more rewarding than receiving a lead directly from the website, and hearing the potential client tell us they found us through a search. Mission accomplished.

Here at Pixel, we are doing our best to practice what we preach, and for now that includes blogging as often as we can. If you have an idea for a blog post you'd like for us to write, or a question you'd like for us to address, shoot us an email!

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