7 Things to Think About Before Starting a Website Redesign

Once you decide that it's time to start the redesign process of an existing website, there are a few things you should think about first, before you actually dive in. Just like when you're car shopping or thinking about moving, it's never a fast decision, and careful research and thought is always put into the decision ahead of time. In web design, the entire process is much, much easier when certain due diligence has been taken, and certain pieces of the puzzle are already established and well defined. Here are a few things we like to recommend to clients before we hit the ground running:

1. Why are you seeking a redesign? Is it strictly just for an updated look or for performance sake?

2. Will you be using new or existing content? If you're using new content, have you already thought about what that new content might be?

3. Are there certain key features of your existing site you'd like to carry over or get rid of?

4. Do you have a clearly defined call to action? Or at the very least know what you might want that to be? 

5. Have you asked your current users what they do or don't like about your site? 

6. Do you have access to the back end of your current website? Hosting? Do you know who owns your domain name?

7. What would be the biggest "win" for you from your new website?

Once we've answered a few of these key questions, our game plan will be much more focused. There is nothing more difficult than starting a website with no clear direction, and no content in mind to fill up the space. A website must have content, and while that content can be ever evolving, starting with a basic outline is always ideal. 

At Pixel Perfect, we are here to help you answer these questions, and walk you through the things that maybe you haven't thought about. 

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