Pixel on the Big Screen

Wow, Columbia Pictures made a movie about us… PIXELS! We’re flattered! We never imagined that a movie about SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing, and an Arkansas web development company would get made, yet here it is!!!

Just check out the trailer, it should be riveting watching how we increase sales leads for our clients. How we can increase your organic search rankings and drive home your marketing goals on your website. Oh, and we can’t wait to see how they show us designing and developing new websites on a CMS for our clients…

Okay, so that wasn’t about us at all. We're confused. Why did they name it Pixels if it wasn’t about us? Well, some of us did grow up playing pac man and donkey kong though, so it was cool seeing those guys again, even if they were being kinda mean. Looks like we will just have to continue building great websites, and managing their SEO to get marketing results and drive sales for our clients without a movie to show how cool we are.

To find out more about our amazing (almost) leap to the big screen, check out the full site HERE.

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