Our Latest Project: Arkansas Symphony Orchestra

The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra is well known for its distinguished guests (Itzhak Perlman, Yo Yo Ma, Mignon Dunn, Marilyn Horn, Andre Watts, Maureen McGovern, Bernadette Peters, Maya Angelou, and Doc Severinsen, among other) and is comprised of the state's most sought after professional musicians.

They are heard by more than 165,000 Arkansans each year, and consistently plays to high critical praise.  Now in their 50th year, they are set to move into a fully renovated concert hall in the new Creative Corridor in downtown Little Rock. As a part of their new branding, new space, and re-invigoration from director Philip Mann, they set out on creating a new site… and we were thrilled to be selected to work with them on this project. 

Design wise, they wanted a site that was engaging, informative, and implemented some of the bright colors that will accent their new home. They wanted to spotlight some feature content, their upcoming concerts, special events, and of course, we insisted on a blog to help stimulate SEO. So far, the feedback on our design from the client have been extremely positive. 

Their existing site had been built in-house, and (while technically very sound) suffered from what most large, hand coded sites eventually fall to… bloat. There was a lot of duplicate content and a maze of links that could take you down a rabbit hole that was hard to navigate. One of our biggest challenges was getting to understand the content so we could help develop and define the user experience. From top to bottom we evaluated content delivery, organization and all along the way had search engine optimization in mind. Also, by moving them from their Django based platform to the Joomla CMS, they will be able to have full control over their day-to-day content without having to dig into code to make basic changes. 

In the end, we delivered a site with a new design, developed on an industry leading CMS, with a completely revamped user experience that the client is thrilled with. And it is probably worth mentioning that the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra was one of the most pleasant clients we have ever worked with. From the trust they put into our process, to their ability to understand and engage the new technology, to them just being super nice people, it was a real pleasure to work with them on their new website.

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