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A few months ago we received a call from a potential client inquiring about our services. They had been told by another local agency that in order to improve their SEO and attract more business, they would have to build them a brand new website, so they were shopping for estimates.

After talking to them to find out what goals they had for the site and looking over their existing site, we came to the conclusion that their site looked...perfectly fine. It was on a good CMS, running the latest version, and had some decent content. After some discussion, we told them that their current website seemed to be functioning adequately, and that what we would focus on is bolstering their SEO efforts, analyze their user engagement, and develop some call-to-actions to engage potential clients. They were openly grateful to receive an honest evaluation, and were thrilled that someone had taken the time to truly evaluate their needs, instead of just receiving a cookie cutter solution the other agency prescribes for all new clients. Unfortunately, in the end we did not get that particular piece of our knowledge they decided to put off hiring anyone for a while. 

Fast forward 3 months and we have a new business meeting with another company. The meeting goes very well and as we are wrapping things up one of the people we are meeting with reveals that he was in on the call we had with the that other company that we helped out. The reason he'd suggested us to his new company was because of our focus on achieving their digital marketing goals and not just selling them a new website. Hearing that compliment meant the world to us, because at the end of the day, the way we measure our success is by the success of our clients.

Sometimes a new website IS what our clients need to achieve their goals. But just like there there is no reason to use a flamethrower to light your grill, we believe that finding the right solutions for our clients, even if that means our budget is a little smaller, is always the right thing to do. 

When it comes to deciding whether or not a new website will solve your advertising problems, we invite you to first consider what your online strategy is currently doing, or not doing. A new website, while pretty and "in style", isn't necessarily a quick fix. Rather, how you use your website as part of your overall online strategy is where you will see results. A successful online strategy should do 4 things:

1. Accurately reflect your brand
2. Allow new customers to easily find you online
3. Help potential clients engage with you
4. Improve your overall SEO

We continually adjust and advance our strategies for digital marking as the trends and search engine algorithms are constantly evolving. With content being king of Google’s current ranking criteria, we are pushing more and more clients towards evaluating and creating content first. Only when their goals require it, do we move into considering a complete overhaul of their website.


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