So You Want Your Website to Have a Blog...

Us - "So, what are some features you'd really like your website to have?"
Client - "I'd really like for us to have a blog. Because, blog."
Us - "Do you have someone who's going to actually write blog posts?"
Client - *crickets*

This conversation is a common one. And by common, we mean happens more often than not. Most companies understand the value (huge!) of a website having a blog, and a small part of their hearts dream of being as successful as Buzzfeed. But, the fact of the matter is that blogging is hard work. It is a pretty big undertaking, and more than anything, is a time commitment. Starting a blog shouldn't be taken lightly, because if you're going to have one, you need to do it right. And if your company can commit to a consistent blog strategy, we guarantee you will reap the benefits. Here are a few tips for getting off on the right foot, and a few things to think about if you've decided a blog would be appropriate for your new website. 

1. Who is going to post to the blog? It would be a good idea to go ahead and assign someone, or a group of people, to be in charge of writing blog posts, and posting them when necessary. If a team member already knows that their new responsibility includes aiding in the company blog, it will save some headache down the road when suddenly no one is posting when they said they would. Make sure the role of "blogger" isn't looked at as a burden, because if it's going to be a burden, it will never get done. Instead, make it a big deal! Make it exciting and allow room for a little creativity. If your team members can truly own the personality of your blog, it will come across as more genuine. 

2. How often will you be posting? When you decide to have a blog, you also need to decide how often that blog is going to be updated. One post every three months really won't do much in the way of improving your SEO. But, two or three posts a month, or even better, one post a week, could do wonders. Google loves coming across new content. So when it sees that your blog is being updated fairly consistently and regularly, you will earn "extra credit" if you will. What you want to avoid is your blog becoming a stagnant place. Future customers, or current customers, will take notice if you haven't posted in six months.

3. What will you post about? Your blog should serve as a place where you can further prove that you ARE the expert in your field. You want to be seen as a credible resource. Ideally, your posts will all be tied back to whatever field your company is in, whatever product you are trying to sell, or whatever idea you are trying to promote. Blog posts should be helpful in some way to your customers, and even more so helpful to potential customers who are searching for your industry on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. You want this content that you are now putting out there to be relevant to your website, lightly contain keywords or phrases your target audience might be searching for, and be high enough quality that they stick around to read it, or even better, share it!

4. How long will your posts be? When you first start thinking about drafting blog posts, you need to keep in mind that "quality is better than quantity." Search engines are very smart, and they can spot a poorly written, irrelevant, keyword stuffed post from a mile away. And they won't like it. Google has a bit of a sweet spot when it comes to content length. 250 words used to be the bare minimum it likes to see, but with recent algoritm updates, they're focusing on QUALITY content. Basically, keep this thought in mind - a post that's too, too short, likely won't contain very useful or engaging content. But a post that's a little bit longer, could contain more keywords, more thoughtful and well researched information, thus making you appear to be the expert on the subject matter. Whether a post is 250 words, or 1,500 words, just make sure your content is worthy of being read.

5. Who is going to read your posts? Most people wonder who is even going to read the blog posts that they have taken valuable time to write. And it's a great question to ask. Your blog posts will be read by your current customers or fanbase, your potential customers who found you through a Google search, and an endless network of readers by way of social media shares. Of course, if you don't tell anyone about your posts, no one except the search engines will know that it's there, so don't be shy when sharing your posts. Be proud of your blog, and promote it, and soon, others will promote it too. 

Maintaining a blog doesn't have to be scary, daunting, or complicated. If you ever need help with your blog, or simply need a few ideas for content creation, we are here to help. A blog can be a powerful tool when it comes to SEO, and the more and more you use your blog as that powerful tool, the better and better your site will perform in search rankings. 

If you'd like to get started with your company blog, or need help using it as part of your SEO strategy, please contact us!

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