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A website is only as good as its content. A bad website is like a shotgun wedding between a cheap WordPress template and no content, bad content, or, even worse, plagiarized content. A great website is a beautiful marriage of good content, style and usability.

You Will Get Out What You Put In

Good content can be one of the hardest things to develop for a website but is always worth the effort. You will get out of it what you put in to it. Good content drives SEO, which drives in turn drives traffic. Once a user is on your site, the content engages the user which leads to higher pageviews, clicks, conversions and ultimately ROI.

Creating the content for your website is definitely not an easy task. It’s the part of the web development process where the client has to be the subject matter expert and take the time and effort to explain what they do, how they do it, and their competitive advantages— all in their own voice. It is often the part of the web development process that goes the slowest, and where we have to really help guide you.

How Pixel Perfect Can Help

We have built one of the best web development companies in Arkansas based on our ability to help our clients become these subject matter experts. We do this in several ways, but mostly by taking the time to understand your business, look at it from a marketing perspective, and then help you articulate your content so that it engages the search engines and, ultimately, the end user. We ask you the right questions to help you think about your content and develop information that we can then help expand on, organize and edit.

By getting the client to be the expert and put together the first draft of their site content (and sometimes that just means a few sentences and a couple of bullet points) it sets the tone of the content to match the client’s. This is something that is hard to do by just hiring a copywriter, as they don’t know your business or your unique approach to what you do.

Pixel Perfect can help you create, refine, organize, and bring your content to life, but you have to give us the seeds to start with. By putting in that work, you will see better SEO and engagement, guaranteed. That marriage of content, style and usability will blossom into a beautiful website that will give you little ROIs that you can watch grow bigger and bigger over the weeks, months and years.

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