Instagram Video Loop - Users vs. Advertisers

If you keep up with current tech news, or are mildly addicted to social media like most digital marketers are, then you may have noticed that the video feature on Instagram now loops. Again. And Again. And again. 15 seconds of your life, on repeat. 

This comes as both a good and bad thing, and there seems to be quite a polarization of opinions across the interwebs recently.
Some say the continual loop was implemented mainly out of a need to please the brands who are paying Instagram big bucks to display their ads, and who are now hoping to ensure their ads are seen by even more users. Others say the continual loop is simply annoying, and straying too far from Instagram's roots as a photo displaying service. According to Instagram, removing the hassle of "having to press the play button again" is really going to make our lives easier in the long run.

Instagram now has close to 300 million monthly users, and when you consider that huge number, it's no wonder advertisers are starting to cash in on this game. Forget the stagnant sponsored photo, 15 second looping videos are where its at. After all, Vine has had huge success with the looping video, so it stands to reason that Instagram will as well. 

But, regardless of how successful Instagram's new feature will be, it still poses a problem for the average user. Its user experience is annoying. Watching a cute video of a friend's cat on repeat is one thing, but looping advertisments you have no interest in is another. The user simply looses control of their own experience on Instagram, and immedately a negative association with the brand who's displaying the video is formed.

This got me thinking how strikingly similar this situation is to web design and seo. There always seems to be two masters you must serve: 1. the search engine robots and 2. your users. Machine vs. Human.

There really is a line you must walk between the two of these, because what might be appealing and engaging to your users, might not be to search engines. But in the end, if your users whom you're hoping to engage with, can't find your site in the first place, then you really haven't gotten anywhere. You absolutely have to balance both ends of this spectrum.

Things like how much content is appropriate, the structure of post titles, usage of headlines such as H1's and H2's, the verbiage used, keyword startegy, relevancy, etc. can all be tailored in different ways, but a truly successful website has mastered the art of tailoring them for both users and search engines. Google is smart, and will reward the sites that do both. 

Google's algorithm changes constantly, some changes bigger than others. We take pride in staying up to date on the latest changes, and focusing our energies on the changes that matter most. We want your website to be something your users enjoy reading, and enjoy coming to. And we also want your website to appear in search results when a potential customer google's your industry. 

If you are interested in getting started with your new website, beginning an SEO strategy, or simply are interested in our process, give us a call today, or fill out our contact form. We would love to help you succeed.

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