Manage Multiple Accounts with Instagram's Newest Feature

If you're heavily active in the world of social media, then you know that Instagram has been lacking one major feature: the ability to manage multiple accounts without having to log in and out. Well, as of this week, times have changed! Instagram has recently revealed that later this week they will be implementing exactly that feature... multiple account management.

This will be a huge help to companies who manage both their personal and professional Instagram account, or multiple business accounts. It will also be a burden lifted for marketing coordinators and social media managers alike. 

While the Pixel Perfect Creative Instagram isn’t exactly a great example (because it doesn't exist, there are only so many pictures of perfect pixels that people want to see!), we do have clients who will benefit from this new feature by saving time and adding efficiency to their social media routine. And more than just saving time, it saves on the frustration of going through all those steps every time, which hopefully will lead to the willingness to post more frequently. 

Social media is constantly growing, evolving, and making our digital lives that much more interesting. If you or your business is not active on social media, we highly recommend you at least invest your time in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And if you're really feeling confident, go ahead and add Google Plus and LinkedIn as well. 

Just like social media, SEO is also constantly changing. While search engines currently swear up and down that they don't consider social media to be a solid ranking factor, we beg to differ. It's never a bad idea to be active in more than one place, sharing your content, promoting your brand, and even sharing other relevant brands. Search engines are constantly crawling your content, and in order to really become the expert in your field, we truly believe you need to have your eggs in multiple baskets. And, with Instagram now playing video content, users are able to share content in more ways than one.

If you would like help learning Instagram, or learning how it could help you share your valuable content, we're here to help. Fill out our Get Started form today!

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