Happy Birthday Twitter!

Happy Birthday, Twitter!

Twitter, the social media platform we now can't live without, turned 10 today! It's hard to believe it's already been 10 years, and even harder to believe it has lasted this long. 10 years in the web world is like 50 years in the real world, so the fact that it's still hanging on says something about its popularity. Twitter is quite possibly the simplest and most user friendly social media platform out there, and once you learn the purpose behind hashtags and mentions, it is very intuitive. People from all over the world can easily, and efficiently communicate their news, thoughts, content, videos, and feelings in a mere couple of sentences.

We wanted to sing Happy Birthday to Twitter ourselves, but we'll let the Biebs do it for us. 

Happy Birthday, Twitter! Here's to another 10 years in 140 characters or less! We beliebs in you!

Check out this AdWeek article to read more about Twitter's big day.

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