What You Could Buy With $5 Million Instead of a Super Bowl Ad

5 million dollars. 30 seconds. Worth it? 

This year's Super Bowl ad slots are selling for as much as $5 million, a record high! Pretty crazy, right? But, when you consider the reach, it's a prime opportunity for some companies. We aren't fully convinced though, so we put together a list of other ways you could spend $5 million in the world of digital marketing.

With $5 million, you could buy...

  • 625 Pixel Perfect websites (if you estimate spending an average of $8,000/site)
  • 91,058.09 clicks on Google AdWords' most expensive keyword ("Insurance" has an average $54.91 CPC)
  • 33.33 yearly licenses to Google Analytics Premium (a one year license is $150,000)
  • 10,020 yearly prepaid plans to Adobe Creative Cloud (the prepaid plan will run you $499/year)
  • 40,000 yearly website hosting plans (the average cost to host a website is typically $125/year)
  • 50,505.05 yearly Dropbox Pro storage plans (to store up to 1 TB you'll pay $99/year plus tax)
  • 2,243.15 2015 27 inch iMacs with Retina 5K Display (Apple will charge you $2,299 for this beauty)
  • 20,080.32 Agency plans to Raven SEO Tools (this breaks down to $249/month)
  • 200,000 MailChimp monthly plans (for the $25/mo middle-of-the-pack plan)

Needless to say, $5 million could go a long way when it comes to our industry. And even though Super Bowl ads come with a hefty price tag, they always leave a lasting impression, and that is more valuable than anything. 

Bring on the Clydesdales!

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