What Does A Website Cost?

One of the most common questions we get asked is “What do you charge for websites?” Usually our answer is “That is a complicated question."

Asking how much a website will cost is like asking how much a vehicle will cost. When you purchase a vehicle the price will depend on what you need the vehicle for. Do you need a racecar, a minivan, a Jeep, a dump truck? You will pick your vehicle based on your driving goals, and the price associated with all those vehicles is wildly different.

At Pixel Perfect Creative, our pricing is based on your digital marketing goals, which means the pricing will depend on what you need the site to accomplish. We have built everything from simple, inexpensive websites for startups to more complicated, expensive sites for larger companies such as hospitals, banks, media outlets, city governments, etc. We don’t have cookie cutter pricing because we don’t build cookie cutter websites.

From custom design, to development, and through the content and calls to action, everything we do is to get you business, boost your SEO and achieve your digital marking goals.

There are many different marketing and usability goals that our clients have needed, including:

  • Driving more phone call leads.
  • Directing users to fill out forms to sign up for something or apply online.
  • Event Calendars that allow users do any number of things, from seeing dates, to signing up to attend events, paying for attendance, or very complicated event registration.
  • Showing that the company is an authority in their field and boosting their reputation.
  • Providing an easy to use and navigate site for existing customers to find company or product information such as FAQs, user manuals, brochure downloads, etc.
  • E-commerce, digital downloads and file sharing.

Don’t “Set It and Forget It”

One of the worst things you can do to a website is let it go dormant. A website should continue to grow and evolve as your business goals change and as you track successes and failures in your existing efforts.

This is one of our great strengths... being an actual marketing partner. We will continue to help you evaluate and evolve your web-based goals after the site goes live. If we see something is working, we can help you double down on those efforts. If something isn’t working, or is confusing to end users, we can help you make it better or suggest alternatives.

In some cases, this might mean reworking navigation, changing some of the SEO focus, or even creating some custom programming to allow users to fully engage with your site. Which leads us to our final points...

Custom Website Development vs. Out Of The Box Websites

There are lots of options for cheap and quick websites. Companies like Squarespace, Wix, Duda, Pixpa, etc. all have value and are good at what they do. However, where they fall short for some customers is in a lack of flexibility, customization, and help with marketing or organization guidance. And in the end you do not own your website. If you ever wanted to upgrade or move to a custom site, you would have to start over from scratch.

We get lots of requests to fix a website, only to learn it is built on a platform that is proprietary and we have no access to the code. Without access to the code you are stuck with the layout, formatting and style... glitches and all. And if you accidentally mess something up, it is complicated and costly to get a specialist to look at it.

At Pixel Perfect we custom build all our sites to achieve your marketing goals, which ensures that the website will look and function the way YOU want it to. You are not handcuffed to the Squarespace template you chose. You are not having to make up content to fit in boxes you don’t need. And since you own ALL THE CODE we can help you go in and change any part of the site or develop new tools on the fly.

All the Quality at a Fraction of the Cost

There are lots of companies that will build you a website cheap. And you definitely get what you pay for. Let’s face it, if you are paying someone $1,500 for a website, how much time can they really afford to spend to create a great site and help you understand how to use it to achieve your goals?

There are also some digital marketing agencies you can go to that have big names, but that come with a big price tag. And we have found time and time again, that unless you are one of their top-tier clients, you will NOT get what you pay for. In fact, you will be paying a premium just to be working with them and end up with a lack luster website.

This is where Pixel Perfect fills a void in the web development market. We bring all of the tools, experience and successes of a top tier shop, at a fraction of the cost. We can do this because we keep our overhead low and price things fairly. We budget for the time and resources to build you a beautiful and responsive website, help you with your marketing goals, guide you through organizing and managing content, and working with you the whole time to educate you on SEO and how to better engage with your audience.

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