#TBT: Technology has Come a Long Way

Big picture, there are really only about 3 top-level reasons people use the internet. The first is research and education. The second is shopping, marketing, commerce. The last is entertainmet, like looking at pictures of cat heads in bread (yea, that was a thing for a while). To be honest, most people do more of the latter than any of the former, but it wasnt so long ago that the web was a much different beast and sites full of pictures was not a reality. 

I wasn't there when Al Gore invented the internet, but not long after he did, I got online. The internet was a strange place, and web design was a new art. I use the word design very loosely here, because at first websites had to be built on strict grids, and there were not many ways to display design elements. There were no style sheets, or embedded fonts. Just tables and background colors. Animated GIFs were all the rage and 640 pixels wide was all you had to work with. And oh yea, if you decided to use one of those sweet animated GIFs, you could expect the end user to have enough time to go make a sandwich by the time that page would download for them (insert sound of dial up modem squealing and hissing here).

To make things even crazier, every browser had its own rules for displaying your website. That meant that the tricky code I spent hours on just to make an image show up in the right spot, probably wouldn't work on all browsers (and by all browsers, I mean the two that were in use at the time). This led to some really BAD web design. If you were not around back then, or maybe have just forgotten, let me refresh your memory of what the web used to looked like…

Fast forward 20 years (that's 300 years in internet time) and we take for granted our style sheets, jQuery, responsive design, media streaming, and super fast computers that can process all this for us in the blink of an eye. 

The biggest difference though, is that today a website needs to encorporate your marketing strategy along with the great design and whiz-bang features. That is what a lot of conventional web design compaines in Arkansas are missing out on. At Pixel Perfect, we approach every website with a marketing brain, becuase a great design is only the first step in creating a website that can help achieve your marketing and business goals.  

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