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This fall, Pixel Perfect had the pleasure of working with TRS Wellness, a new corporate wellness company based out of Conway. TRS Wellness focuses on corporate and worksite wellness, and aims to encourage employers and employees to be proactive in their health and wellness.

They are staffed with personal trainers, physical therapists, and wellness coaches, and stand out amongst their colleagues by going to their clients, and performing all of their assessments on site. By offering customized solutions, in person, they have created a level of accountability that is not offered by most other wellness companies.

TRS Wellness is a sister company to the already well established Therapy and Rehab Solutions, also out of Conway. While their parent company focuses on therapy and rehab (which are generally services that are employed after an injury) TRS focuses on preventing those injures before they happen. This is a distinction that they needed to carry over to their traditional and digital marking materials. So along with a new website, they also needed complete branding, a new logo, business cards, and emails. They wanted a similarity and familiarity to their parent company, but needed the new creative to be unique, fresh, and distinctive. We were able to create all the materials they needed, in the time they needed them. 

Often times when different companies are enlisted to develop just digital, or just traditional marketing materials, they forget that they need to work together. In this case, by having Pixel Perfect create both at the same time, we were able to develop materials that were consistent and focused on achieving the same marketing goals. 

This site is fully responsive so that it looks and functions great on any device that you view it on. The design has a "uplifting and happy" charm that our client was hoping for. The site was built on a Content Management System that gives the client full and total control over every aspect of the site, from text and graphics, to the organization of content and navigation. 

We truly appreciate TRS Wellness for allowing Pixel Perfect to be their digital marketing partner. And, as is the case with so many of our clients, we will continue to work with them to fine tune their site. We know that a website needs to be a living, growing thing, and we are always there for our clients to help them use the great tools we give them to their fullest. As an example, in the coming months we will begin a full SEO campaign for TRS Wellness that will include doing research on where they are in the search engines (which will be low since they are a new company), finding out what search terms potential customers are using, looking at what their competition is doing, and fully optimizing the site to send them to the top of the search results.  

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