Is SEO Really Dead? - Sells Agency Guest Post

Thad recently guest posted on the Sells Agency blog about a hot topic that seems to be making the rounds on every SEO site these days. He posed the question, "is SEO really dead?" Before you sound the alarms, take a moment to consider a few of his points. 

I replied rather quickly that no, SEO is NOT dead. In fact, search engine optimization is doing better than ever, IF you agree that SEO is a process of building legitimate relevance into your site through engaging content and targeted links among other things."

He continues to explain that while bad SEO practices, such a keyword stuffing, are on the decline and very much frownded upon by search engines, good SEO practices such as strong relevant content, are actually on the rise. And they aren't slowing down anytime soon. 

"Even if the search engines do de-volve, or already have, into pure money-making machines, they still have to show some relevant search results that are not paid. Because of this there will be a need (a big need, for the time being) to practice good SEO techniques for your sites."

To read his full article, head on over to the Sells Agency blog and check out, Is Seo Dead?

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