HTTP Sites Marked Not Secure in Chrome Starting in July

With July 1st just days away, it’s officially time to move your site from HTTP to HTTPS or else suffer the Google consequences. Starting next month with the release of Chrome 68, Google will begin labeling ALL sites that have not migrated to HTTPS as “not secure”.

At present, websites that are not secure have a small information icon next to the URL, that when clicked opens a box that states “your connection to this site is not secure,” and suggests that users should not enter any sensitive information on the site. With the new Chrome update, this icon will also have the words “Not secure” placed next to it, making the label much more prominent.

It’s no secret that Google has slowly been pushing the importance of all websites having an SSL in place. They first started labeling HTTP websites as “not secure” back in January of 2017 with the launch of Chrome 56, but only if the site collected any credit card and/or password information. Last October, Chrome 62 added two more scenarios that cause a site to receive the “not secure” label: HTTP sites that have a form collecting any type of data and HTTP sites visited by a user in Incognito mode.

The move towards a more secure web has been widely successful, due in part to SSLs being cheaper to buy and easier to implement than ever before. According to Google, over 78% of traffic in the Chrome browser on both Chrome OS and Mac is now protected, and “81 of the top 100 sites on the web use HTTPS by default.”

When it comes to sites that have not yet made the change, most developers have been wary of moving to HTTPS due to mixed content issues. However, if your site is built using a good content management system, such as our go-to CMS, Joomla, issues with mixed content are a rare occasion. To check your site for these issues after adding an SSL, Google offers mixed content audits through their Lighthouse tool.

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