Go Big or Go Daddy

Marketing doesn't always have to be good, it just has to be memorable. It's the reason that so many products have slogans and jingles that are SO terrible.They are created to soak into your sub-conscious and stay there for days/weeks/years (Thanks, Nationwide, J.G. Wentworth, Rice-A-Roni, etc.).
But what happens when you don't have a song, or a catch phrase? Increasingly some marketers are turning to something that sticks with you longer than a jingle... confrontation.

The most recent GoDaddy SuperBowl commercial "Buddy" is a prime example of this concept. It will be memorable, and not because it is good, but because everyone will be talking about it. Everyone will have an opinion. The premise is a cute pup gets lost, faces hardship as it searches for home, and then is gloriously reunited with the people that lost it, only to be told that he has been sold on the website they built at GoDaddy. The puppy is then put in a box and shipped off via currier (the driver is another GoDaddy alum).

Now, I doubt GoDaddy has an official stance on animals, but they sure know that a lot of OTHER people do, and this commercial is sure to get them all riled up. The genius here is that the commercial is not genuinely offensive, it's just in bad taste enough to get people up on their soap boxes. With that will come controversy, and their commercial will be shared and talked about over and over.

GoDaddy knows that they are alienating a small number of their audience with their style, and in fact it appears that they thoroughly enjoy doing it. But what they like even more is brand awareness, and creating commercials that stagger across the boundaries of good taste, is sure to keep their brand name top of mind. The fact that they will spend $4.5 MILLION every time they show this during the SuperBowl but only mention their name and what they do for 3 seconds, further proves they are counting on the controversy to help sell their brand.

So what do you think? Is it bad taste, or marketing genius?

Check out the commercial below:

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