Digital Marketing Funnies - Making Nerds Laugh

Being a digital marketing company, we tend to spend 8 hours a day, or more, on the internet. It's really both a blessing, and a curse. We spend countless hours reading through the latest SEO news, google algorithm changes, and current web design trends, all while perfecting our web development craft.

And even though staying up to date on all facets of digital marketing is important, and what we like to call our forte, we also tend to stumble across certain things that just make us laugh. A great part about our company culture is the ability to get some serious work done, while also having some serious fun. Working in a creative environment definitely has its perks, and while making incredible websites for our clients is our first priority, we definitely don't mind sharing a laugh or two. 

We hope you'll enjoy what has us chuckling lately!

1. Crumbles. If you weren't already aware, there is an amazing website called crumbles.co where you can create mini movies of sound bites from famous movies, based on a phrase of your choosing.

2. Jingle Joes. Working closely with our sister company, the Sells Agency, we tend to be surrounded by advertising 24/7. Recently, the folks over at K-Mart are providing plenty of smiles and laughs. They just might win at advertising this holiday season with this clever website to go along with their latest TV spots. jinglejoes.com speaks for itself. Let us know what song you come up with!

3. The original Space Jam website. Web design and development has come a long, long way over the past decade. And while web design in Little Rock may not be at the forefront of the latest trends, we are certainly lightyears ahead of this gem. The original Space Jam movie website has never been changed since it was first released. Take a look and be thankful that responsive and dynamic web design came along!

4. Digital Christmas sweaters. One thing we look forward to all year long is our company Christmas party with Pixel Perfect and Sells Agency. It's always a blast, and typically includes at least one round of 'dirty santa' and a whole lot of food. Since dresscode is free-reign, we're thinking a digital ugly Christmas sweater might just make an appearance. Digital Dudz created these digital ugly Christmas sweaters and we think they're pretty fantastic. 

Working on the web day in and day out is anything but boring, and we are lucky to love what we do. You could say we have a little thing for websites. If you're interested in getting started on a new website, or need SEO direction, we'd love to hear from you. We'll do a free consultation, and maybe even treat you to a hot cup of coffee. Contact us today!

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