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Back in April, specifically April 21, a Chobani marketing crew stood right outside our window on a busy corner in downtown Little Rock. Up until this point, I had always been iffy on greek yogurt, and swore up and down that it was definitely "disgusting", "gross", and "too cottage-cheesy" for me. Thad however, asked if I had ever tried Chobani, to which I of course said no. Five minutes later, we were headed down to the street corner to try my first cup of Chobani. 

The Chobani rep was very nice, and let us try several different flavors. I instantly fell in love with the Key Lime flavor, and he gave me a free container to take back to work with me. I had been proven wrong, and thus my love affair with Chobani began.

Now, nearly 8 months later, it's safe to say that I am keeping Chobani in business. In fact, the rep who gave me my first taste of the great Chobani, really deserves a raise. 

Based on the average price of one container of Chobani being around $1.20 ($1.14 for a regular cup, $1.29 for a Flip) and based on the fact that I've probably purchased, let's say, an average of two a week since that fateful day in April, (approximately 32 weeks ago) totals out to $76.80 spent on Chobani. All thanks to their street marketing team!

Now, let's say that rep gave Chobani to 10 other first-timers. And let's say each of those first-timers, now turned loyalists, also purchased as much Chobani as I have. 

That means that Chobani potenitally made close to $768 (less their cost for the samples) just by standing out on the street corner handing out free samples. And that's a very conservative number, especially considering that 99% of the time I opt to purchase the Flip, which is $0.09 more expensive than what we're estimating.

Now, let's take that a step further. Let's say I also tweet or post on Instagram about Chobani multiple times, because I have now turned into a huge fan, and basically just became free marketing. Combined, that's 1,492 followers, who have now potentially seen my positive post about Chobani, and possibly just influenced them to try it as well. But since we know not all of your followers actually see your posts when you post them, if at all, let's guestimate that 10%, so about 150 people actually saw my post. And then let's say that one person retweets my tweet about Chobani, and let's say they have 300 followers. Now, my reach has just been expanded exponentially, and it could go on, and on, and on. 

So to make a long story short, sometimes the littlest marketing efforts can go a long, long way. And when it comes to websites, putting that effort in a valuable SEO strategy, social media strategy, or blog strategy, can have lasting effects for your business.

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