20 Web Design Trends to Look Out For in 2015

With 2014 coming to an end, I figured it was about time to take a look at what's going to be BIG in 2015. I pulled up my trusty pal Google, and got to work. I researched upcoming web design trends, UX trends, and overall digital trends that were sure to pack a punch in the new year. Here are the 20 that I came across quite consistently. 

1. Responsive Design -
This one's a given. If your website isn't responsive, it's definitely something that should be on your radar. A responsive website is one that is built in a way that it will render according to which device your user is viewing it on. It is ONE site, one set of code, and gets rid of the need for creating a web site PLUS a mobile site. 
2. Full width video backgrounds - Video has been on the rise for a while, and many larger sites are already implementing videos as backgrounds in certain places on their sites. 
3. Speed - A fast site is going to win every time. With technology changing the way it is, we simply don't have the patience to wait for a slow site to load. 
4. A more interactive experience - Sites will want to start thinking about way to engage their users, and get them to, you guessed it, interact with your site. Thus creating a more personal experience.
5. A clean, light, and modern design - This is already all the rage, but in 2015, many sites will stick to something simple. Think: more white space, but strategic white space. 
6. Material Design - I had to research this since I am not a graphic designer by trade, but material design is Google's new set of design "principles" if you will. It's a mix of the already popular Flat Design and a more animated, interactive design. 
7. Responsive Typography - Responsive design I've already mentioned, but responsive typography refers to paying more attention to how fonts render across multiple devices, and thinking about their ability to be resized. 
8. Subtle Animation - Little things like animated buttons will become increasingly popular. Just adding a little hint of animation will make user experiences a little more exciting, but still incredibly simple. 
9. Scrolling over Clicking - Websites that appear to be "longer" or "infinite" will become more popular. Users will continue the trend of preferring to scroll for their information, rather than clicking multiple pages. 
10. Death of "Above the Fold" - Similar to the point above, a fold simply does not exist on a website now that users prefer to scroll, so strategically placing important information throughout will become more and more popular. 
11. More One Pagers - Again, simple sites that require less clicking, and more scrolling. 
12. Storytelling - Sites that have the ability to tell a story through their design will gain popularity. 
13. Hand Lettering Becoming the New Custom Typography - Nearly every 20 something girl has tried to pick up the art of hand lettering. Luckily, their efforts may pay off as websites will be moving more towards fully customized fonts. 
14. More Personalized Sharing - A more personalized sharing mechanism on sites, which will come across as a bit more genuine, is on the rise. 
15. Thinking about Mobile First - The rise of mobile technology is insane, and more and more users are visiting sites on their phones or tablets BEFORE they visit them on their desktop. So, when designing websites, it's going to be imperative to consider the mobile experience first.
16. More Sites Transitioning into Apps - While doing my research, it was interesting to hear theories of how long it will be before all websites eventually just become apps. I'm not sure I agree with this, but that rumour is definitely out there. 
17. Flat Design is Here to Stay - I briefly mentioned Google's new Material Design, but Flat Design is something you've seen time and time again this year. Think: your iPhone. Enough said. 
18. Card Design - Designing websites in a way that modulizes your content, similar to Pinterest, is on the rise. Creating a more modular feel will become more and more popular, especially when you consider how easy it makes things for the user. 
19. Ghost Buttons and Huge Images - You've seen this a lot in 2014 already, and we thought maybe it would die down, but it appears that this trend is here to stay. Site designs with huge, beautiful background images, and sleek, modern buttons aren't going anywhere. 
20. Off Canvas Menus - This might be something you aren't familiar with, but have definitely seen on a responsive site on your phone, most likely. A hidden menu is an easy way to add some design space, and take away a bit of "clutter." Hidden menus are often housed off to the side in a type of "drawer".

While we may not agree with every up-and-coming trend for 2015, it's still important to stay on top of the trends, and remain educated. The web world is constantly changing, just like the world of search engine optimization. At Pixel Perfect, we make it a point to do our research, and not get stuck in our ways. At least, that's always our goal!

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