Whistle While You Work: Our Agency Playlist

You have your coffee, fire up the computer, and get ready to make it another great day at the office...the only thing missing is your personal soundtrack!

As a creative web design shop sharing space with an advertising agency, things are pretty laid back around here. Walking around our office, you'll hear a steady flow of music echoing through the hallways. If it weren't for Spotify and Pandora, we're not quite sure how we'd keep our sanity. If you are like us, you have a A LOT of playlists and the one you play at any given moment will probably reflect the mood you are in.

We have a seriously diverse group of folks here, music wise, so we thought it would be fun to ask around and see what everyone has been listening to lately for a little inspiration. Did you know...music has been known to boost creativity, calm an eager mind, and help break through even the toughest of brain blocks? Interestingly enough though, we tend to hear the most music coming from the writers, designers, and developers in the Pixel Perfect and Sells Agency offices, while the AE's tend to not listen to music as often.

To check out what we have been listening to, check out our Spotify playlist below. It's about as diverse as it could possibly get. Shout out to Vince for the Barry Manilow and Billy Ray Cyrus additions.

You can also find the playlist here. Let us know what you think and if you listen to music while you work?

If you'd like to work together on a project, or suggest some songs for our playlists, fill out our Get Started form today!

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