Site Builders Are Great, If That’s What You’re Into

When it comes to website design, there are tons of options, and those options often leave clients confused with what exactly they need.

Do they simply just need a website with no bells and whistles? Are they going to set it and forget it and not revisit it for a few years? Do they want customization and special features? Are they looking for web presence that is scaleable so that it can grow with their company? Do they want something they can take control of and manage the content of themselves? Or do they just want a pretty website with their logo on it?

We recently read an article praising out-of-the-box site builders, and why professionals such as ourselves, should embrace them. Website publishers such as Squarespace and Wix are significantly growing in popularity, and don't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. These programs are easy to use, fairly straight forward to manage, and come equiped with everything you need to set up a site quick and cheap. However, this is exactly the scenario where you truly do "get what you pay for".

While we do understand the allure of these builders, and know they have a welcome place in the market, here are a few of the main reasons we don't work with site builders:

1.Customization - While site builders do offer tools for developers, and endless template options, there is still a lack of customization. Most of our clients have needs that extend far past the WYSIWYG world of site builders. We create solutions for them that are unique to their needs and can be changed and updated as their needs change. This is usually not possible at all with a site builder solution.

2. SEO - Site builders are often limited in their SEO potential. They have all come a long way and are starting to perform better in search engines, but to get complete control over all facets of our client's SEO, there is no substitute for having full access to the code, the server, and the source files.

3. Professionalism - If you use a site builder, chances are you are going to end up with a site almost exactly like someone else’s because you are all pulling from the same pool of pre-built templates. It also means that your web team is not looking at the design phase of your project from YOUR perspective, that they are trying to shoe horn you into one of those templates based on looks instead of your goals.  Which leads us to number 4.

4. Marketing Goals - Every website we build begins by identifying what your marketing goals for the site are. If you don’t know what your goals are, how do you know if you are succeeding (or failing - YIKES!). These goals drive our design process because they dictate what we believe the target audience will respond to visually and the kinds of calls to action we should have, where they should be on the site, and how “in your face” they should be.

5. Open Source - With most site builders, there is no way to take your site with you if you decide to leave. This is a huge problem for when you are ready to grow. We only use Open Source Content Management Systems, like Joomla & Wordpress. Our CMS of choice is Joomla, because we have so much experience and success using it. Because we use an Open Source solution, it means that you have full ownership of all the code, and every bit of the site. We feel like if you paid for the site you should own it and be able to take it with you as long as you want it. There are also huge communities of developers that are constantly creating new and exciting ways to keep your site fun, functional, and dynamic. This means that updating your site with functionality is wildly easy, affordable, and all of it can be customized at any time. 

The biggest reason why you would NOT want to use a site builder really boils down to your end goals. The majority of our clients have graduated past the need of just simply having a website as a calling card. They're looking for a website that will be able to help them with marketing goals, driving business, increase brand awareness, and overall make them look professional. All the while having unique needs that would be limited by site builders. If you are looking for something a little bigger, with more options, and more room to grow, fill out our Get Started Form, we'd love to hear from you!

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