Practice Safe Sec and Double Bag Your Passwords

Recently, Russian hackers managed to get a hold of 270 million email logins. While the majority of these stolen credentials seem to belong to the Russian mail service Mail.ru, many also include Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail accounts. These logins are being traded amongst Russian cyber criminals, in what appears to be one of the largest databases of stolen data ever discovered.

The stolen data though may not be as worrisome as initally speculated, and authorities are still invesitgating just how old the data actually is. It's possible these logins are from previous data hacks, and if that's the case, then we can all just take a chill pill. 

Even still, the idea of millions of email logins in the hands of hackers, is plenty cause for concern. Just this week, we celebrated World Password Day - a day which promotes changing your passwords and protecting your online identity. 

passwordday.org promotes 4 steps to success when it comes to your passwords:

1. Create strong passwords - At Pixel, we always suggest to clients to use a trifecta of letters, numbers, and special characters like !'s and @'s.
2. Use a different password for each account
3. Get a password manager
4. Turn on multi-factor authentication - This can be as simple as a fingerprint or an email verification.

They also recruited the beloved Betty White to help promote their message of safer passwords. We are big advocates of updating our passwords, and we take all of our clients' online security very seriously. 

But not too seriously.

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