Mother's Day Gift Guide From a Creative Agency's Perspective

Mother's Day is quickly approaching, and if you are just now realizing this, it is time to get with it! Mother's Day 2016 is Sunday, May 8th. We are also working on nailing down those perfect gift ideas for the moms in our lives, and making plans to show a little extra appreciation to those special women we love so much.

There are umpteen-dozen Mother's Day Gift Guides floating around the internet these days but we thought we'd take the time to ask around our office instead. We asked our co-rockers a simple, yet sometimes daunting question, "what are you getting your mom for Mother's Day?" and wanted to share the responses. Working in a creative environment, we figured we'd get some pretty clever, and thoughtful ideas. If you're still searching for that perfect Mother's Day gift, check out what we're getting our moms...

"I'm doing a craft with my daughter to give to my mom and mother-in-law that they can hang on their fridge! If I don't do that, maybe flowers or something for my mom's lakehouse."

"My mom lives a few hours away, so I’ll most likely call her on the phone. I’ll probably let her talk to her grandkids instead of me. I’m sure she’d like that. I think my kids might get me a macaroni necklace, some snuggles, a hand-painted card with random stickers, a jelly sandwich dinner, and some paintbrushes to clean up. I’m looking forward to it. "

"A day-date and dinner, on me. Personally, she and I prefer giving the gift of "time" rather than items."

"I usually gift my mom something along the lines of pampering - a massage, a spa gift. Or even something as simple as cooking dinner. This year, as a mom myself, I'm just hoping for some time to myself, away from the baby for a little bit."

"I'm framing a recent family photo that has both of her new grandchildren in it. It's the first family photo she'll have with both babies in it!"

"I'm getting my mom some framed artwork that my kids did for her, and I'm getting my kids' mom (my wife) a pedicure from one kid and a manicure from the other."

"Since my parents are moving from the house they've lived in for 30 years, my siblings and I are getting her a framed drawing of the house."

"Dinner at her favorite place and quality time with her favorite person...being me!"

"I usually honor all of the other moms in our family with a big Mother's Day lunch at our home. But this year I'm the mom being honored so I just requested that we all go to Garvan Gardens and have family photos taken. I love family photos and we don't have many this will be the best gift I could have!"

So there you have it. A few ideas for simple, yet thoughtful Mother's Day gifts. Turns out, simple may really be better, and there is nothing better than quality time.

What are you gifting your mom or a mom in your life?

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