Our New Favorite Reporting Tool: Google Data Studio

If you work with Google Analytics and regularly create reports for clients, you’ve likely struggled with how to best present the information. For many people this includes downloading the data, sorting through it to determine which portions they want to include, and then creating their own spreadsheets and graphics. Not only can this be time-consuming but it might also not produce the results you really want. In an effort to simplify this process, Google has created a new reporting tool called Data Studio.

Still in beta, Google Data Studio is a new component of the Google Analytics 360 Suite that allows you to create completely customized reports of your analytics data. Not only can you choose which individual dimensions and metrics you want to include but you can also decide exactly how to display them. The interface allows you to choose from a variety of diagrams, like tables, graphs, pie charts and maps, so that you can present your data in a way that is easy to understand and useful to the client.

While Data Studio allows you to easily connect accounts like Analytics, AdWords and Search Console to use as sources, any information on a Google Sheet can be imported and used in reports. This allows you to include even more input that’s pertinent to your client’s marketing strategy, like data from Facebook and other social media channels.

Another great thing about Data Studio is that every style component can be customized. From fonts to background colors to line styles, you can design the exact look and feel you want for your report. Data Studio also lets you upload images to place in reports, so it’s easy to brand them specifically for each client. Once your reports are created, you can share them with clients directly from the dashboard or invite coworkers to make edits.

data studio example

Originally the full use of Data Studio was only available through a paid Google Analytics 360 Suite account. For people without one, a free trial version was available that allowed up to 5 free reports. Fortunately, Google recently decided to make the full-access, unlimited version free to everyone.

When you first login to Data Studio you will be provided with a step-by-step tutorial as well as sample reports to aid in the learning process. You can also watch this video to gain a basic understanding of the tools available.

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