What Is It? You Need It! The New Facebook Branded Content Tool

What is it? You need it! You don't already know?! We keep reading about the new Facebook Branded Content Tool, and it reminded us of this old Better Off Ted clip. 

Facebook has recently announced a "major" change to their sponsored content policy, and we've been digging around to find out why it's really such a big deal.

In the past, Facebook hasn't allowed verfied pages or celebrities to share branded or sponsored content. News to us! We thought this happened all the time! Well apparently, it does, but those that did were breaking the rules. 

Now, Facebook has allowed these highly influential users to share branded content, and advertisements, with their audience. They can easily tag them, and the sponsor or brand mentioned can even access the analytics on the post. With the new policy, these verfified pages must also use the Branded Content tool, which is what all of the hype centers around.

If Facebook really wanted to, they could force everyone to promote ALL sponsored content through Facebook's paid advertising, both verifed and non-verfified pages. But, how would they ever monitor this? Shouldn't whether or not a page chooses to advertise a product be the prerogative of that page? Not according to Facebook.

Straight from Facebook, "Branded content on Pages is only allowed from Verified Pages (with the blue badge) on Facebook and must adhere to the following policies. Branded content on Pages is defined as content originating from a Page owner that features third party products, brands, or sponsors that are different from the Page owner. When posting non-prohibited branded content integrations, Pages must use the Branded Content tool to tag the featured third party product, brand, or sponsor."

Facebook might be hoping to be able to convince marketers to eventually use their paid advertisements, after seeing for themselves which organic content performs better. So what does this mean for "unverfied" pages who share branded content? Most "unverified" pages typically don't have as large a following as "verified" pages, so maybe Facebook is thinking they eventually won't be able to profit off of them?

Either way, the new policy is definitely worth looking into, and we would love to hear what you think about it. 

To read more about this recent Facebook update, check out what Advertising Age said.

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