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AgRobotics has developed a machine that could actually revolutionize farming around the world...For real. Modern farming relies heavily on technology. From where to plant crops, to how much water and fertilizer to use, a farmer is always trying to maximize their yield and minimize waste. All of this starts with their soil. The AutoProbe from Agrobotics collects accurate, reliable, and repeatable soil samples much faster than by hand (which is how it is still done on most farms, even the biggest ones).

We developed a brochure site for them to show off the machine, the data, and the results of their tests. The site is developed on the Joomla CMS so that they have control over the site, including updating the media sections. The forms tie directly into their email management software so that when someone signs up on the site they are automatically in the email system.

We have also helped set up and manage their email marketing through developing templates and content for them to release when they want.

The response to the site has been an overwhelming success. The responsive design means that no matter what device the site is viewed on, it looks and functions perfectly.

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