Using Video Content to Improve Your SEO

What Google likes and dislikes is constantly changing, but one thing that continues to get a lot of juice from Google is video content.

Make no mistake...quality, original, relevant content is still king with Google, it is the number one driving factor for achieving good SEO. Over the past couple of years though video content has skyrocketed, and now Google is finally handing out some good SEO value for it. It might be time that you considered looking into creating video content for your site, here is why.

Video content, when optimized correctly, has an incredible opportunity to rank well in Google. Especially video being hosted through YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, and not-ironically, owned by Google.

There is no better way to engage your users than by video content. People absolutely love watching content because reading content often takes longer, and is becoming less and less appealing. It also helps to give your content a more personal and human feel. Which is why apps like Snapchat and Periscope are exploding, even though we are behind our screens, we want to get a sense of the person(s) on the other side. Video content is easy to share, and with Google hinting at taking social media influence into account, the more likes, comments, and shares your video can garner, the better off you are.

Optimizing video content can be tricky though. Since Google can't technically read the content within a video, it CAN read content around the video, the title and keywords of the video, and the content you include in your descriptions on YouTube and Vimeo. Google can also read an html transcript of your video. This is something not many people do, but taking a few extra seconds to set this up can be extremely beneficial.

Video content basically comes down to three things: education, enjoyment, and convenience for your users. If you can educate your users about your business or services, keep them entertained, and make the content easy for your users to digest, you'll continue win big in the search engines.

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