Mirror Mirror On The Wall: Literally The Coolest Mirror Of Them All

When your job is to be on the internet all day, sometimes you stumble across something that is so unique and interesting you just have to share it. Well, today is that day, and what we found is by far one of the coolest DIY tech gadgets we have ever seen.

It's a mirror. But not just a mirror. It's a smart mirror, and it has totally blown our minds.

Recently, Ryan Nelwan created a touchscreen, interactive mirror that supports multiple apps and widgets. It's basically like a computer mirror (or a mirror computer?) that allows you to be the ultimate multi-tasker. You could order an UBER while you brush your teeth, check the weather while you trim your beard, listen to your favorite playlist while you trim those nose hairs, or even browse Reddit while you...whatever else you do in front of the mirror every day. 

Is your house feeling a bit chilly? No problem, simply turn down your thermostat THROUGH YOUR MIRROR! NBD. 

The mirror runs some sort of custom designed software, and while we tried our best to locate the details, we were unsuccessful. But, just like a good magician never reveals his secrets, we don't expect mirror kid to do so either. We would sure love to pick his brain though!


What we do know is this - it's not running anything common like OS X or iOS.

Technology is constantly advancing, and before we know it, smart mirrors are going to be the norm. The only thing we're really left wondering though is this: how purposeful is a smart mirror? Would we actually benefit from having one in our bathroom?

What are your thoughts? 

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