Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Digital Mom

With Mother's Day right around the corner, ****read: THIS SUNDAY****, we thought it would be fun to share a few fabulous gifts for those digital moms out there. We've scoured the top tech lists, and picked out some of our favorite trending gifts. Now, you've got today and tomorrow to order a gift online, assuming you have the option of priority shipping!

For the Sentimental Mom

Digital Photo Frame - Give mom the gift of your pretty faces. She will love being able to load different photos, and show off her children to anyone who will listen.

For the Mom who Just Wants Her Quiet Time

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones - Go in on this gift with your siblings, or as a spouse make it a gift from you and the kids. Give her the gift of some peace and quiet.

For the Mom with a Green Thumb 

Parrot Flower Power - If your mom is all about the garden lately, this digital plant sensor will monitor the health of her plants every 15 minutes and send the data straight to a free app on her phone! Give mom the gift of control, allowing her to always know when her flowers need her most.

For the Mom who's Always Cooking Dinner

WiFi-Enabled Crock-Pot - This crock-pot is a crock-pot of the future! Mom can now turn it on, off, and adjust its settings, all from the convenience of her smart phone. Give mom the gift of, well, this gift is really for whoever she's cooking for.

For the Health Concious Mom

UP 24 by Jawbone - This is one of the most popular fitness trackers out there right now. It's bluetooth enabled and mom can even connect with friends or family to "compete." Give mom the gift of monitoring her health!

For the Mom who Loves her Fur Baby as Much, or More, than her Human Babies (that's you)

Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Security Camera - This high-tech, let's face it, baby monitor, is all the rage. Mom can set this up at home, and check in on Rover from her computer while she's at work. Give mom the gift of peace of mind. 

For the Mom whose Phone is Always Dying

Mighty Purse - This wristlet comes with a built-in battery that can recharge mom's phone! Give mom the gift of always being able to contact you.

For the Book Nerd Mom

Subscription to Audible - For only $14.95/month, mom can get one free audiobook of her choice per month. Give mom the gift of some light reading!

For the Cyclist Mom

LED Turn Signal Gloves - You'll never have to worry about mom again when she's out on the road. These turn signal gloves just scream "safety!" Give mom the gift of being the coolest cyclist around. 

For the Mom who Puts All Her Eggs in One Basket

App-Enabled Smart Egg Tray - This egg tray can sync with mom's smartphone and tell her how many eggs she's got at home, and when they're going bad. Give mom the gift of egg-cellence.

If you're just out of time, or none of these techy gifts seem appropriate, you can never go wrong with the gift of a spa day. Treat her to a manicure/pedicure combo and we gurantee she'll be thrilled. 

Now, get to shopping! The clock is ticking!


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