Google Trends To Improve Your Blog

Search engine optimization revolves around fresh, relevant content. One of the best ways for websites to display and maintain high-ranking content is through a blog. 

But what happens when you've struck a writer's block? When you just can't think of another topic for a fresh blog post and you think about throwing in the towel on your blogging efforts?

Enter: Google Trends.

Google is constantly monitoring what's trending in the world of online searches. And luckily they freely share this information, which means we always have access to a bank of content ideas. These trending topics range from A to Z, and cover any industry you can think of. 

Google Trends is a free website that analyzes the top searches over the past 24 hours, for any industry and topic you can imagine. Simply browse their top stories on the homepage, or make a search on your own to see what keywords are hot right now.

When it comes to writing about relevant news within your niche or industry, there's no better trick in the book than writing about what's currently being searched for. It's a great way to increase your odds of being seen, because if someone is already searching for specific content, and you're writing about it, you're way ahead of the game.

As you sit down to type up your next blog post, it's always a good idea to take a few minutes and think about if what you're about to write has 1. the potential to be searched and 2. is actually being mentioned online right now, both of which will give your content an even better shot at showing up in a search result. We tell our clients all the time that their blog is 80% for Google, and 20% for their customers. The everyday user won't read a company's blog, but Google sure will, and when they do, your rankings improve, which leads that everyday user to find you even faster.  

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